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Through Fire & Ruin is the first

book in a New Adult fantasy trilogy.


Available as hardcover, paperback

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Release date: May 6th 2022

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Some lies are ruin...


For centuries, humans have been at the mercy of the fae. With the border between Earth and Liraen spelled shut, humans have no desire to entangle themselves with the fae world again. But what if they are humanity’s only hope?


Lora has been warned of the fae her entire life. Yet when a deadly virus sweeps Earth, Lora risks everything to find a cure. Spinning the perfect lie, she makes a deal with Eyden, a mysterious fae trader. As Lora struggles to keep the promises she has made to both her family and Eyden, she is forced to dig deeper into the twisted world of Liraen — her web of lies unravelling.


Amira has spent years trapped by her brother in her childhood palace. Her engagement to the soon-to-be High King of Liraen is her only hope for the freedom she has been longing for. As the future Queen, she seeks to finally leave her painful past behind. But she soon discovers that the palace holds dark secrets — bringing up memories Amira had long since tried to erase. 


As power games are woven, promises are broken, and desperate lies are revealed, Lora and Amira both find themselves at crossroads. Will they risk it all and face ruin?

Book 2 Into Ashes & Doom 

Release date: June 23rd 2023


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Book 3 coming 2024...

Through fire, into ashes, against all odds of doom…

Trapped in the twisted Turosian palace with her life hanging in the balance, Lora desperately searches for a way out. As an unwilling pawn in the king’s cruel game, she must deny her fiery connection to Eyden to keep him safe. But Eyden seeks to finally take action, falling deeper into Lora’s web of lies.


Amira has all but succumbed to the darkness of her mind until a ray of hope catches her sight. With the help of Elyssa, whose heart ignites with the spark of revolution, Amira must choose to fight for freedom or be swallowed by darkness forever. 


Rhay is torn between two sides, challenged by Karwyn’s nefarious ways. Will he ever let himself see the evil that is lurking within the halls of the palace? 


Can Lora and Amira join forces and convince Rhay to help forge a better future for all of Liraen? 

The thrilling sequel to the new adult fantasy romance novel Through Fire & Ruin. Dive in to find out who rises from the ashes and who falls prey to doom.


"Maybe no promises could be assured. Maybe some are meant to be broken from the start. The promised words accepted besides their inevitable emptiness."
- Through Fire & Ruin

The Promise of Midnight ebook cover.jpg

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A new adult fantasy romance novella perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sarah J. Maas & Danielle L. Jensen. 


Tonight, all I can hope for is you.

Karla Costales has spent her whole life moving from one place to another, leaving everything and everyone behind. In the so-called border town, where a portal leads to the dangerous world of the fae, a treaty meeting between the species is about to begin. Tired of barely scraping by, Karla takes a risky opportunity that puts her in the crossfire with fae—more so than she has anticipated. 


When Karla runs into a fae guard, she doesn't expect their undeniable connection. He’s infuriating. He’s her enemy. It’s forbidden. Yet she can’t seem to stay away. Stay or go—which one will she regret more? 


As the treaty meeting takes a dark turn, their connection is put to the test. Who can Karla trust when everything threatens to fall apart? 


The prequel to the thrilling fantasy romance trilogy Through Fire & Ruin. You can read The Promise of Midnight before or after Through Fire & Ruin.


Praise for Through Fire & Ruin & Into Ashes & Doom:

Lora's and Amira's stories are both intriguing, exciting and fascinating, and this is definitely the perfect novel for all the fantasy lovers out there!

Into Ashes and Doom gives everything I would expect from a fantasy book - action, passion and it left me enthralled and obsessed with these characters!


“There’s the door if you’d rather try your luck on your own. If I find your corpse later, maybe I’ll feel generous and send it back to Earth.”
- Through Fire & Ruin

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