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How it all started...

Jennifer and Alice are two writers from different countries whose paths crossed when they both decided to do their master degrees abroad in the UK. As all good friendships start, they first met at their student accommodation when Jennifer was taking out trash and refused Alice’s help to carry empty boxes. Nevertheless, the next time they met, they quickly discovered they were doing the same course and bonded over shared interests. And that was the start of many movie nights (with candy sticks, amazing Austrian popcorn and a good amount of garlic bread), late night talks, cocktail mixing experiments and lots of random dancing and singing.


During the lockdown in 2020, Jennifer and Alice had both already graduated and were now in different countries again. Trying to make the best out of a bad situation, they started working on an idea for a novel that originally was never going to see the light of day but quickly became too good not to publish —at least in their eyes. Get a copy and see for yourself!


Jennifer Becker

Jennifer Becker is one of the debut authors of Through Fire & Ruin, the first book in a New Adult fantasy series. She has been an avid reader for most of her life and has always craved telling her own stories. Jennifer earned her MA degree in film production in the UK and has since been working in the film industry in her home country, Austria, while independently working on her own writing projects. The two things she can talk about forever are good books and TV shows. When she’s not obsessing over a great story or a ship, she’s most likely working on her creative endeavours such as her novel.

Alice Karpiel

Alice Karpiel is one of the authors of the debut New Adult fantasy novel Through Fire & Ruin, the first book in a trilogy. She has loved telling stories since childhood, her very first attempt at writing being a short story titled Murder on Mars which delighted her friends. She found a kindred spirit in Jennifer during their MA in the UK. Alice is currently finishing up another Master’s degree, Scriptwriting, while working as a script reader in her home country, France. She loves nothing more than to lose herself in a good book, TV show or film.

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